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The apartment loan industry is rapidly evolving and the borrowers are the ones benefiting from’s new option adjustable rate mortgage for apartment loans. This new lending concept means that the customer chooses each month the payment amount that best suits their financial situation.

Lenders are driven to be aggressive in the apartment loans market and they must remain flexible to maintain their market share., a leading apartment financing broker, has had much success with its optional adjustable rate mortgage concept to stay competitive and provide viable mortgage options for their clients.

“We’ve seen lenders fall out and we have seen other lenders growing with the industry,” said Leonard Manriquez, Director of “Our goal is to remain a premiere source in apartment financing and thus much time is spent learning of the most competitive apartment loan products.”

With the adjustable rate mortgage, customers have the option to pay the minimum amount to free up funds for other uses or they may make larger payments for faster equity build-up on their apartment loans. It is an ideal mortgage if one’s income fluctuates or steadily increases over the years. The four options available on the adjustable rate mortgage are minimum payment, interest only, 30-year fully amortized, or 15-year fully amortized. finds this flexibility appealing for their clients with apartment loans.

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